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About Dog-Eared Photos


Meet the Owner of Dog-Eared Photos

"Hey there! My name is Katie, and this is my best buddy, Abe! I was inspired to combine my love of animals with my passion for photography while photographing Abe's puppies after they were born. Now, through Dog-Eared Photos, I can't wait to capture your pets' unique personalities and characteristics, preserving memorable moments that will last a lifetime."


Our Mission

Our name reflects our mission to capture cherished moments with your pets that you'll want to keep coming back to, just like a dog-eared page in your favorite book.

Portrait Packages & Pricing Structure 

    30-Minute Pet Portrait Session  |  10 Professionally Edited Digital Images  |  Print Release

    Pet Portrait Package


    30-Minute Family Portrait Session with Pets  |  10 Professionally Edited Digital Images  |  Print Release 

    Family & Pet Portrait Package


    Breeder Portrait Session  |  Professionally Edited Group and Individual Digital Portraits of Each Litter Mate  |  Print Release

    Litter of 1-5: $70.00

    Litter of 6 or More: $120.00

    Breeder Portrait Package
    Custom Portrait Package

    Custom Pricing

    Custom Portrait Session  |  Professionally Edited Digital Images  |  Print Release

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